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Employee Attitude and Satisfaction:
Customer satisfaction begins with employee satisfaction. If you take care of your employees, they will provide the impeccable service that will in turn deliver Excellent Financial Results.

But how do you really know if your employees are satisfied?
It is estimated that business managers spend 75% of their time listening to people. Therefore, a manager's effectiveness will depend on how well they hear what their employees say. An attitude survey provides the critical link between what employees feel and what managers and supervisors hear.

Internal Customer Satisfaction:
The degree to which employees exchange and receive service within your organization gas an important impact on their motivation and productivity.
All too often, organizations define customers as the external user; however, this definition can hinder a company's ability to supercharge its performance and profitability. In reality, within each company, each work area or department is a mini-company that provides a product or service for another internal mini-company.

It's just plain good common sense:
If your organization provides excellent service within, it will show in your customer retention, employee satisfaction and financial performance.

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